Starting in January, we will have Remote Control Airplane Combat at our field. RC Combat is where pilots attach streamers to their aircraft and simulate an air battle, the main goal being to cut the opponent's streamer. It is fast paced, competitive, fun, and very exciting.

The aircraft that members must use for RC combat is the 'Saturday Night Midget.' It is a .15 sized, high wing airplane with a 38" wingspan. It is a SPAD- Simple Plastic Airplane Design, and is made of plastic gutter pipe and coroplast sign material. This design is very cheap, easy to build, and an excellent performer in the air. It has a high roll rate and is capable of many aerobatic maneuvers.



The website has the plans and instructions for building this airplane. 4 mm Coroplast is needed, however 2 mm is preferred for the wing. CA glue is used to hold the coroplast together. The motor and speed controller can be purchased from HobbyCity. This Motor and This Speed Controller will be used. This Photo album shows pictures of the SPAD construction.

Here is a diagram for the SNM.
SNM Plan