MMFC is a chartered club of the Model aeronautics association of Canada (MAAC).
For the safety of Members and the general public, we have installed a set of rules that every club member should be familiar with and strictly comply to.

Please read through all the club policies, as well as the latest version of the MAAC safety code.

If you are new to the hobby and would like flying lessons, we offer the MAAC Wings program for all members. All members of the flying club require a valid MAAC membership.

MAAC Website - for information on the MAAC Safety Code and Wings Program

This map of our flying field shows the flight line and all safe flying zones. You are required to strictly adhere to these flying zones.
Field Text
Do not fly over the parking or pits. Stay away from the red zones, fly only in the green zones. Please note that this map is not to scale and is for reference only.

Member Applications

Please see our subscription page to register and pay fees for new and existing members.