2020/06/04 The General Rules for flying at the club have been updated, please review the new Rules PDF attachment.

2020/06/03 COVID-19 Rules:
1) DO NOT come if you feel ill at all.
2) Physical Distancing of 2 M EVERYWHERE
3) No Group in the PIT area shall be larger than 5 people
a. There is no limit to the number of 5 person groups.
4) Maximum of 4 Airplane Pilots and 1 Heli Pilot on the actual Flying area
a. Each Pilot may have an OPTIONAL spotter at a 2 M distance
5) When flying, all Pilots must stand behind one of the PILOT stations
6) All Pilots, waiting to fly, stand inside the fence line (i.e. on PITS side)
a. Again they must follow the 2M rule.
7) Take turns to fly EXACTLY as we do normally; just be fair.
8) Maximum of 2 people in the Shed
9) Per normal Club rules, all Pilots must be fully paid members with a valid MAAC license.
10) To keep the number at the field down to a minimum, no camping for the day, enjoy your flying and leave so others may enjoy their flying.
11) We recommend wearing face masks.

We will follow these rules for now and possibly change them as needed.

2020/01/16 2019 AGM Minutes:
AGM Minutes from the September 2019 meeting are here: AGM-minutes.pdf

2020/01/01 Frozen Finger Funfly:
Our annual Frozen Finger Funfly will be January 1st at 10am. Please remember to renew your club membership and MAAC insurance if you wish to fly on this day. Coffee and chili will be provided.

2019/12/07 Registration:
The registration for the 2020 season is now open. Please see the registration section and complete the form.