2014/09/20 Fall Funfly:
MMFC's annual Fall Funfly will take place the morning of Saturday September 20th. Food will be provided for our BBQ.

2013/06/22 Summer Funfly:
Join us the morning of Saturday June 22nd for our funfly. We will also host a swap meet, so bring any items you wish to trade or sell. Please bring your own tarp or table to display your items if you require it. Lunch will be provided.

2013/01/01 Frozen Finger Funfly:
Our annual Frozen Finger Funfly will be January 1st at 10am. Please remember to renew your club membership and MAAC insurance if you wish to fly on this day. Coffee and chili will be provided.

2012/09/15 September Funfly and Swap meet:
Join us on Saturday, September 15th for a funfly, BBQ, and Swap meet. Bring any items you wish to trade, and also a table or tarp to put them on.

2012/06/23 Spring Funfly and BBQ:
Join us for MMFC's annual funfly and family BBQ. It will be the morning and afternoon of Saturday June 23rd. If you wish to volunteer to set up the events, please contact the club president.

2012/05/05 Field Cleanup Day:
On may 5th there is a list of things to do to maintain our flying field:
Build new pilot stations
Clean up the Car track
Roll the field
Level the parking area and add crushed stone
Add crushed stone under the covered area
Clean out the shed
Cut grass if required
Assemble picnic tables

Please bring tools if you can.

2012/01/01 Frozen Finger Funfly:
Be there on Sunday, January 1st for our annual winter funfly. We will be starting at 10am, with a raffle at noon. There will be coffee and chili. Please remember to renew your MAAC membership, and bring the MMFC renewal form for 2012. These forms can be found on the MAAC/Rules Page.

2011/10/02 Funfly:
Our funfly has been rescheduled to the 2nd of October from 9am-1pm. Lunch will be provided, and GTA hobbies has generously sponsored the event. Visit them at 5200 Dixie Rd. 905-232-0506. Hope to see you at the funfly!

2011/09/07 Field Closed:
Please refrain from use of the flying field during the dates of September 23, 24, and 25. There is a Scout event scheduled to use the field.

2011/06/18 Funfly:
Come out to our funfly and BBQ, on the 18th from the morning to the afternoon.

2011/04/22 Annual Club Clean-up:
Our clean up is Saturday, the 7th of May. There is a small list of tasks to do, but please try to join us. We hope to have a BBQ, and membership cards will be handed out.

2011/01/01 Frozen Finger Fly:
Our annual Frozen Finger fly is January 1st this year- you don't want to miss it!

2010/06/19 Funfly:
Despite the gusty conidtions, there was a great turn out at the funfly and we were able to get some flying in.

2010/06/05 NavCanada Restricted Aerospace:

As stated by our MAAC Zone Director, Clair Murray:
"The Government of Canada will host the G20 Summit in Toronto, Ontario. Currently, the planned activation period for the G20 Summit restricted airspace will be from 26 June to 28 June, 2010.  The operation of radio control aircraft will be prohibited during this period of time. The restricted airspace will be bounded by a circle of 15-NM radius centered on N43°39’45.00” W079°30’44.00” (YYZ/VORTAC 097° radial at 5.2 NM). Additional information on the activation period, airspace restrictions and amendments, including any last-minute changes, will be promulgated by NOTAM approximately one (1) week before the event.

In the mean time, please inform the members of Mississauga Model Flying Club about this information.

The following link provides more detailed information.



Clair Murray
MAAC South East Zone Director

2010/06/19 Funfly:
This is the first funfly of the flying season. It will be held on Saturday, June 19th. There will be RC combat so everyone is encouraged to bring their SPADs. We will also host a family barbeque at lunch.

2010/05/01 Annual Field Clean-Up:
This year, we will be cleaning up the field on May 1st. Please bring lots of tools.
We will address the following:
  1. Roll the field
  2. Change oil in lawnmower, check belts. I will bring the battery.
  3. Cut grass
  4. Build pilot stations (2” pvc and orange fence) Need 5 of them
  5. Finish cartrack, banks, drainage, fencing,
  6. Clear dirt piles
  7. Remove debris from around clubhouse
  8. Clean out clubhouse
  9. Drag additional picnic tables over. There are two long ones not being used at the old day camp
  10. Run  110V from clubhouse to pit area. Need to bury pvc conduit in the ground. Lockable outlet
  11. Layout parking area. City may help us out here but for now we need to stop people parking on the grass
  12. Remove fire pit. City has requested this.
  13. Top cap on existing fence (2x4’s screwed on top)
There will be lunch for those who help. Everyone is encouraged to come, our field can only function if we maintain it.

2010/01/27 Happy New Year:
The Frozen Finger Fly was a success, and this winter we have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures, as well as little snow. We encourage everyone to get out and use the field. So far, SPAD construction has gone great, and there are many members that say they are a blast to fly. Stay posted for details on our next meeting, which should be around February. Lastly, fly safe, and lets try to have a year with less incidents.

2009/12/25 Frozen Finger Fly:
Mark you calender for January 1st 2010! We will have the first funfly of the year, the frozen finger fly. Bring your SPAD's and your mittens, this is going to be a blast!

2009/12/19 Lucas Krist Carries the OIympic Torch:
Today a young member of our flying club, Lucas, carried the Olympic torch on Burnhamthorpe Rd. He passed the flame to Mayor Hazel McCallion at 11am. Congratulations on your awesome run- a symbol of peace, unity, and friendship.

2009/12/04 RC Combat Page:
With all the excitement about the upcoming RC combat and SPAD construction, a new page has been created exclusively for this purpose. Click Here to visit the page.

2009/11/26 Annual General Meeting:
This year's AGM will be held at the Mississauga Valleys Community Centre program room 3, on Wednesday the 2nd of December. The meeting will start at 7 pm. SPAD parts will be available if you placed a bulk order. If anybody has build a SPAD that they would like to bring, please do so.

2009/11/17 SPAD Pictures:
An album has been uploaded featuring pictures of he Saturday Night Midget SPAD. The pictures show the construction process, as there are no pictures in the instructions. Spad Gallery

2009/11/06 RC Combat Update:
We have now decided on a motor and speed controller for the Saturday Night Midget! It has already been tested and it runs great, with plenty of power for this aircraft. We will use This Motor and This Speed Controller. Bulk orders may be placed as soon as possible. A note on SPAD construction: Although the instructions recommend 2mm coroplast, it is very hard to find and 4mm may be substituted. All the planning is done: Let the building begin!

2009/10/29 Photo Gallery:
Our new photo gallery has expanded considerably in only a month. We now have 4 pages of great pictures, almost 40 pictures in total. All of our pictures have been kindly submitted by club members, and we wish for that to continue. Thank you to everyone who has emailed pictures!
If you have any photos, please send them to the Webmaster. If you haven't already done so, have a look at our Photo Gallery!

2009/10/27 RC Combat Update:
We will be using the 'Saturday Night Midget' SPAD from This Website. The plans are under 'The Classics' > '.15 Sized' > 'Saturday Night Midget.' We will find an electric motor from Hobby City that will keep these airplanes affordable. If all goes to plan, we will feature RC combat in our next funfly, the 'Frozen Finger Fly.'

2009/10/15 RC Combat:
Our executive has started planning organized RC airplane combat for next year. The airplanes will likely be SPAD, with an electric motor in the .25 range to be selected. Plans for the aircraft, rules and updated information will be available soon.

2009/09/19 FUNFLY:
The end of another summer flying season was ended with an great funfly. Luckily the weather was great. See the Photo Gallery for pictures of this event.

2009/09/05 NEW WEBSITE:
The MMFC website has started fresh with a great new theme, simpler access, more features, and re-written rules. We hope you love the new MMFC on the web!